About the Coalition

The Presumpscot River Watershed Coalition (PRWC) is a group whose members include concerned citizens, municipalities, non-governmental organizations, and representatives of state and federal agencies. Together we collaborate to promote the recovery and long term health of the Presumpscot River and its tributaries. Through a consensus process, the PRWC serves as an open forum for discussing and addressing issues which impact the health of the river. Click here to download our new brochure.

The PRWC was formed several years ago for the purpose of implementing the Presumpscot River Management Plan and serving as a center for discussion and collaboration toward a healthy Presumpscot River watershed. The management plan has three areas of focus within the watershed:

Restoring fisheries
Mitigating and reducing cumulative impacts
Improving and preserving open space

As a large group we meet every other month, to discuss projects, upcoming events, and important issues regarding the river. Smaller committees meet more frequently to work on specific tasks and objectives outlined in the River Management Plan.