Presumpscot River Management Plan

Members of the Presumpscot River Watershed Coalition have collaborated with various river stakeholders to create a management plan for the Presumpscot River, "A Plan for the Future of the Presumpscot River."

The plan reflects three years of research on issues of concern in the river corridor. It provides unified management objectives, guidance for future decisions, and recommendations for improvements.

The focus of this plan includes three major areas of interest:

1. Open Space: benefits and challenges of preserving open space along the river corridor for recreational use as well as sensitive wildlife populations.

2. Fisheries: opportunities with improved water quality and fish passage to restore residential and migratory fish populations to the river.

3. Cumulative impacts: the importance of the river to Maine's economy, and the cumulative effects of industry on the river.

For more information on the creation, purpose, and intended uses of the plan, see the "Introduction". For a summary of the findings, see "A Vision for the Future". For additional information, visit the Casco Bay Estuary Partnership's web page.